Shipping delays due Covid: The situation in the shipping of goods has apparently still not stabilized and so there are still long delays in shipping. Please keep this in mind before you order. However, 80% of our shipments arrive on time.


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In our shipping information, you can see the regular shipping times (Deutsche Post Priority) for the different countries. In some cases, however, it may happen that the shipping time differs. The reasons are different.

Please be cool. Your goods are on their way.

If your order is more than 10 workdays in delay, please contact us, we will invastigate!

If we have made a mistake and have sent you the wrong article, don´t worry. We pay for this! We will send you the replacement and you can send us back the wrong article!

Don´t like our goods? No problem. Just send it back to us within 30 days after purchasing it and we will proceed the refund. But please write us an email before you do.

You have got a product with issues? Don´t worry. Just write us an email and descripe the problem + pictures (if necessary) and we will do our best to make a replacement!

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