R.02 Accountant (Black)

Die minimalitische Münzbörse mit jeder Menge Platz.

(79 Kundenbewertungen)

 39.00 inkl. MwSt.


Der R.02 Accountant

Trotz ihrer geringen Größe passen in diese außergewöhnliche Geldbörse jede Menge Kreditkarten und Scheine. Ein wichtiger Aspekt bei der Gestaltung war die harmonische und zweckmäßige Kombination von Form und Funktion. Der R.01 MINIMALST und der R.02 ACCOUNTANT sind beide im goldenen Schnitt (Fibonacci) gestaltet. Diese mathematische Gestaltungsregel birgt das Geheimnis in sich, warum wir die Dinge als attraktiv, ästhetisch ansprechend oder funktional erleben. Für unsere Wallets benutzen wir nur hochwertige Materialien. Vom Markengarn über langlebige Gummibänder hin zu perfekt aufeinander abegestimmten Produktionsschritten entsteht so ein herausragendes Produkt Made in Germany. Wir geben 2 Jahre Garantie! Diese Geldbörse ist extrem klein und kompakt – kaum größer als eine Kreditkarte. Das kleine Raumwunder eignet sich ideal für den täglichen Gebrauch, ohne dabei in deiner Hosentasche aufzufallen. Es gibt insgesamt 3 Fächer für deine Karten. Besonderes Merkmal ist die effiziente Zuglasche, mit der man schnell an seine meistgenutzen Karten kommt.


Leder: Wir verwenden ein natürliches Rindsleder (Glattleder) mit einer Wachsoberfläche namens Timber, das eine ökologische Mineralgerbung hat und einen sehr natürlichen Eindruck macht. Gummiband: Mit einer Dehnbarkeit von über 110% und einer Mischung aus 85% Polyester und 15% Elasthan haben wir das perfekte und dauerhafteste Gummiband für unsere Geldbörsen gefunden. Garn: Unsere Garne erfüllen die höchsten Anforderungen und sind wesentlich stabiler als die in den meisten anderen Brieftaschen verwendeten Garne. Der Weltmarktführer für Garne (Gütermann) mit Sitz in Deutschland ist für uns gerade gut genug.


Deutschland: 1 bis 2 Werktage
Europa: 2 bis 4 Werktage
Vereinigte Staaten: 4 bis 7 Werktage
Vereinigtes Königreich: 2 bis 3 Werktage
Rest der Welt: 5 bis 9 Werktage


79 reviews for R.02 Accountant Black

  1. Jamie

    Just want to leave a comment to say my accountant wallet arrived today. Let’s just say I’m very pleased.

  2. Gavin

    Received in the UK, I was expecting it to be smaller than my current wallet… but not this much small! Can’t wait to start using it!

  3. ehler.tim (verifizierter Kauf)

    After getting the R.03 Purist through the initial Kickstarter campaign and using it for over halve a year, I decided to also get the Accountant. My first FOCX wallet had already been and still is a very good looking and very well made wallet, that I’ve been using daily ever since I got it. And the Accountant is really no exception to that. It has a great design, is really small and extremely well made.

    Also the customer service and the order and shipping process were seamless. My wallet was at my door just two working days after I ordered it!

    I would highly recommend this wallet to anyone searching for a really small, good looking, very well made wallet, that can also hold a few coins or even a key.

  4. Peter (Store Manager)

    I think that this is a great wallet and I like the leather flap complementing the first-class design. The one feature that I find unique to this wallet is the ability to place a few coins in the hidden pocket. Simple but clever. The size is both a plus and minus. The plus is that it is hardly noticeable in a front pocket, but the minus is that it can be a little difficult to select the card that one wants to use. However, I am sure that this will get easier over time. I have tried a lot of front-pocket wallets, and this is my favorite of all that I have tried so far.

  5. Henry Cruz (verifizierter Kauf)

  6. Gonçalo Caetano (verifizierter Kauf)

    Fast delivery, very beautiful product. Thank you

  7. andrea (verifizierter Kauf)

    The wallet is as small as smart, It can cointain cards and cash as well.
    Maybe is not so proper of you have many coins.
    The shipment is fast.
    I love It.

  8. Onise (verifizierter Kauf)

    For the longest time I had bulky wallets that didn’t satisfy me and would bulge out my pockets.
    My first minimalistic wallet was an “Elephant E8 Wallet” which is actually pretty nice but there where many downsides, e.g. that the coins it held could fall out easily if you have a tad too many. Also if it got squished a bit too much in your pocket or fall down there was a chance that the contents would fall out or squished in a strange way. After all it also looked like a sweat wristband.

    I’ve been doing research on recent minimalistic wallets, that look amazing and can hold coins.
    Lo and behold, I found the R.02 Accountant wallet. I’ve been having it for a couple of weeks now and I’m still amazed at how good and valuable it looks and feels and how amazingly it handles.
    Hopefully it holds together for a long time because I’m not planning to switch wallets ever again.

    Shipping was also really fast (Germany).

  9. Roberto Garrido (verifizierter Kauf)

    Everything works as expected

  10. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Beautiful product with high quality.

  11. Matej S. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great build, quick shipping. Would recommend.

  12. Richard (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excellent product, very good service. Just minimal details I would improve. Thx a lot

  13. Eetu S. (verifizierter Kauf)

    It was exactly what I was hoping for, small and super handy, good looking!

  14. Franza Stefano (verifizierter Kauf)

    Hi there..
    At the first look I was very surprise how tiny and little the wallet was.. Didn’t expect like this.. But later on I felt in love with the design and how is practical! Just a little downside.. Is very difficult to store more than few coins.. But doesn’t matter.. 5 star 4 you guys!

  15. Alberto Vittorio Tavernar (verifizierter Kauf)

    It is exactly how I figure it out. I think that with some better video you can sell more. I am satisfied and the products is very good built. The time will say if I am right

  16. andrea (verifizierter Kauf)

    light and smart

  17. Matt Herbert (verifizierter Kauf)

    Ordered this on Sunday and received it Thursday, great customer service and the wallet is awesome. So small but room for everything you need! Great wallet!

  18. Hans (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great product. I’m using it with 8 cards, some paper money and 2 coins that I keep there for situations like using an vending machine. I still got some loose coins in my pocket on days when I could not use credit card everywhere but that’s fine. Overall perfect size and function.

  19. Oleksandr Demchenko (verifizierter Kauf)

    Compact and clean looking wallet, capable of containing cash and coins, highly recommend 🙂

  20. Eduardo (verifizierter Kauf)

    Just what I needed, small but with room for the essentials and also coins. Quality materials and flawless craftsmanship.

  21. Rick Allen (verifizierter Kauf)

    Love the small size and the styling. Kind of wish I’d bought the brown. Maybe next time. 🙂

  22. ANDERS GE. (verifizierter Kauf)

    First of all, I apologize for my bad English.
    I’m currently using the R.02 Accountant Black model for my credit cards, cash and a few coins. What I can say is that this is an EXCEPTIONAL wallet: great materials, easy and practical to use and, above all, safe. The ability to carry coins with you is a very convenient addition.
    Congratulations to Focx for the great product, as well as for the courtesy and speed in shipping.

  23. Alexander I. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Nice wallet. I like that I can put coins in separate part

  24. Andrea (verifizierter Kauf)

    Beautiful, practical, excellently constructed. The best of its kind among those I have tried. The ability to take with it even a few coins is a more comfortable.

  25. Jakub (verifizierter Kauf)

    Happy with new wallet, absolutely different. Coin purse useful also for notes. Was awaiting little bit more leather style, but light and comfortable. Looking forward to using it 🙂 Hope it will stay with me.

  26. Jere P. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very good quality and design.

  27. Omar F. (verifizierter Kauf)

    For the moment very practical and charming. Good!

  28. Hugues (verifizierter Kauf)

    Fast delivery, great product!

  29. Francesca V. (verifizierter Kauf)

    This wallet is exactly what I was looking for: extremely small, but with just the right amount of space. The cards pocket is very comfortable to use, and the money/coins pocket works very well. It is also just nice to hold it in your hands 🙂
    If you are looking for the perfect balance between a very small wallet and a card holder, this is what you need!

  30. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great product. Slim and robust. Definitely the perfect minimal wallet.

  31. Tadashi (verifizierter Kauf)

    もし使えなくなってしまっても、また同じものを買います。ありがとうございます。 日本より愛を込めて
    Received! It’s really cool. Both delivery and product are perfect.
    If I lose or break it, I will buy the same again. Thanks a lot. With love from Japan

  32. Kresimir (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excellent quality and design. I got R.02 Accountant Black. Super small and compact and yet everything fits inside. You even get one RFID blocking card that blocks two cards in front and two in the back.

  33. Daniele F. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very nice and small. Definitely a good choice.

  34. Goncalo Carita (verifizierter Kauf)

    Fast service and a great product.

  35. Andrea Z. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Coin section is a little sloppy, but very good product overall!

  36. Tom (verifizierter Kauf)

    Perfect wallet. Minimal the way I like i, but still enough possibilities.

  37. Ragnar (verifizierter Kauf)

    Good service and good product. Like it a lot.

  38. Lee (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very happy with my purchase. Some may find the coin pocket a little small but personally, I don’t like to carry a load of 1s and 2s around with me anyway. This wallet is well made and looks slick!

  39. Bartlomiej M. (verifizierter Kauf)

    beautiful small wallet

  40. José N. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great product with high quality materials and everything went perfect with the delivery!

  41. Ronald (verifizierter Kauf)

    I couldn’t be happier with the wallet and it definitely gets rid of the dreaded wallet bulge. It is even smaller than it looks in the pics, but easily fits 7 or so cards and cash. The wallet is also very well crafted and I have gotten quite a few positive comments about the design. 10/10 would recommend if you’re in the market for a slim wallet. Bonus – Makes me spend or save my coins as you can only store a few of them 😉

  42. Saad J. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very nice product! And very good service!:)

  43. Ketan (verifizierter Kauf)

    The wallet is minimalistic. The quality of material is fantastic, it can hold ample number of cards(8 in my case) as well as cash notes. The RFID blocker that comes with the wallet is a plus. Overall a great wallet, would recommend 10/10.

  44. Rui (verifizierter Kauf)

    very good

  45. Angel Francisco Perdigon Trenado (verifizierter Kauf)

    Is perfect, good job

  46. Gabriele Arduini (verifizierter Kauf)

    amazing wallet and card holder.

  47. Florian (verifizierter Kauf)

    Alles sehr gut. Bin zufrieden.

  48. Lucas L. (verifizierter Kauf)

    The quality of the wallet is as good as expected. Nice leather and rubber components.

  49. Ioannis Theofanous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Amazing wallet. Exactly what I was looking for.

  50. Gabor T. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Works perfect!

  51. Ferran N. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Perfect wallet. Easy to use, so small!

  52. Mantas (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very satisfied with a product, fast shipment, delivered in less than a week! Keep up great work, best regards from me!

  53. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Smaller than I thought, though. That’s my bad, I guess. Quality seems good.

  54. Thanos (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excellent wallet!!

  55. Ferran N. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very nice wallet. Small, easy to use and very well looking.

  56. XRISTOS LAPPAS (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great and useful wallet

  57. Athina (verifizierter Kauf)

    very good quality and design

  58. Zdenek (verifizierter Kauf)

    First of all great communication, good support in case of a problem (shipping). The Product itself – Accountant – is very well made, I mean for its price, it is superb quality! It works like a charm and I am happy that I was able to fit all my cards (ID, Driver License,Health Insurance,RFID, Credit Card and also some cash – 3 coins and banknote) and the wallet is still keeping its compact size!=) I would recommend the product to anyone, who looks for really good functional product for adequate price:) Thank you!

  59. Luca m. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Tutto perfetto, Prodotto innovativo e qualitativamente di rilievo. Consiglio a tutti l’acquisto

  60. ciro o. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Nice product

  61. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Elegant and handy

  62. Spartak Metodiev (verifizierter Kauf)

    Nice quality

  63. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Perfect thin wallet

  64. Tiago Magalhães (verifizierter Kauf)

    Good quality but the card pull could be better. Keep the awesome work.

  65. Leonidas P. (verifizierter Kauf)

    It looks and feels great. I dont know how it will age though. I am a bit concern about the rubber, it does not seem rigid/solid enough to me.

  66. Antonio M. (verifizierter Kauf)

    it’s absolutely wonderful

  67. Stephan K. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Der Preis ist grade noch so ok. Über die Zeit wird sich zeigen, wie langlebig die Materialien tatsächlich sind.
    Bisher bin ich zufrieden und es ist noch etwas kompakter als mein vorheriges Slim Wallet von Koala Gear.

  68. Stefan K. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Super Qualität. Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen!!!

  69. luke p. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great delivery, super quick. Product super style and minimal.

  70. Antonio (verifizierter Kauf)

    The wallet is beautiful, the leather is great and it matches perfectly with my minimal aspired lifestyle. I’ve got the keychain too and I’m super happy of it. The experience on the website was clean and easy, loved it and I also found some gummy bear inside the box, surprise :3

  71. Erik (verifizierter Kauf)

    For the card is perfect. When you have to pay with cash is a little bit slow to take the coin out. But is really small and nice so is ok

  72. Georgios Kesisoglou (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very handy!

  73. Renato Pannella (verifizierter Kauf)

    Everything fantastic

  74. Henrique Vilão (verifizierter Kauf)

    Good product

  75. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excellent design with durable material. love it

  76. George B. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excellent customer service, shipping and communication at expert level. And of course a great wallet!!!

  77. Michal S. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Top quality product, super fast shipping

  78. Borja Alcázar Rodriguez (verifizierter Kauf)

    The quality of the product does not admit discussion. The best wallet if it suits your needs

  79. Marcell (verifizierter Kauf)

    It is an awesome wallet, the materials have surprisingly good quality, really ergonomic and compact. I didn’t think that it can handle the cash and coin in that perfect way, for me it was a 10/10 choice. Thank you

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