R.03 Purist (Black)

Der ästhetische und außergewöhnliche neue Standard für Geldbörsen.

(131 customer reviews)

 45.00 inkl. MwSt.



Der FOCX R.03 Purist ist eine einzigartige und benutzerfreundliche Geldbörse (Slim Wallet) und bietet viel Platz für Geldscheine und bis zu 10 Karten. Die minimalistische Geldbörse hat Kreditkarten-Format und es passen alle Standardkarten wie Kreditkarten, Bankkarten und Führerschein hinein. Der Purist steht für ein puristisches und ästhetisches Portemonnaie. Ein wichtiger Aspekt ist die harmonische und zweckmäßige Kombination von Form und Funktion. Unser Anspruch ist es, ein hervorragend gestaltetes Produkt herzustellen, das nützlich und langlebig ist und eine clevere Lösung für deine alltäglichen Bedürfnisse bietet. Bei der Entwicklung der REDEFINED Serie haben wir uns auf ein minimalistisches Design konzentriert, das gleichzeitig die Handhabung deiner Karten und deines Bargelds vereinfacht.


Leder: Wir verwenden ein natürliches Rindsleder (Glattleder) mit einer Wachsoberfläche namens Timber, das eine ökologische Mineralgerbung hat und einen sehr natürlichen Eindruck macht. Gummiband: Mit einer Dehnbarkeit von über 110% und einer Mischung aus 85% Polyester und 15% Elasthan haben wir das perfekte und dauerhafteste Gummiband für unsere Geldbörsen gefunden. Garn: Unsere Garne erfüllen die höchsten Anforderungen und sind wesentlich stabiler als die in den meisten anderen Brieftaschen verwendeten Garne. Der Weltmarktführer für Garne (Gütermann) mit Sitz in Deutschland ist für uns gerade gut genug.


Deutschland: 1 bis 2 Werktage
Europa: 2 bis 4 Werktage
Vereinigte Staaten: 4 bis 7 Werktage
Vereinigtes Königreich: 2 bis 3 Werktage
Rest der Welt: 5 bis 9 Werktage


131 reviews for R.03 Purist Black

  1. Justin

    Got my Purist today in North Carolina! Love it! It is exactly what I though it would be. Perfect! Thank you!

  2. 8Angelos

    I just got my R.01 in Spain today! Wow that was fast 😉

    Excellent quality! Thanks guys!

  3. Mirko

    Got mine today! (Switzerland) I’m very happy with both of them! Great job Serkan. Really looking forward to use it everyday. Cheers

  4. rykardoabreu (verifizierter Kauf)

    Got mine today and I’m delighted, such small wallet with huge quality and a really nice design. I have been looking forward for a wallet like this one for awhile. Thank you 😊

  5. ivan.lalanda (verifizierter Kauf)

    Got my R.03 Purist today. Very good looking and nice materials. Built solid and nice product
    Thanks Serkan

  6. ehler.tim

    Got mine through the initial Kickstarter campaign and I’ve been using it ever since it was shipped to me.
    I still think it’s one of the best looking and most premium wallets I’ve ever owned. I’ve been using it for more than halve a year now and have zero complaints about the build quality or the materials used. Both are really, really good! And even the price-performance ratio is outstanding, with most competitors offering lower quality and less features for a higher price.

    I would recommend this wallet to anyone searching for a really small, good looking, very well made wallet, that can hold almost anything a regular wallet can hold.

  7. Rafael

    I thought it was a little bigger. The documents of our country are bigger than the size of the credit card, so it is a little complicated to get used to. Even so, it is a product of great design, easy to use, and beautiful.

  8. Nirmalraj (Store Manager)

    As per the product is concerned, you have done an excellent job with the design and it’s extremely compact and minimal, its perfect as the way I want it to be. Am extremely satisfied with the product, kudos to you and your team. I wish you can carry forward with the same design principle and introduce more products like these. I am looking forward to many such products from FoCX in the future and I would recommend the products to all my friends and colleagues.

  9. Thomas (verifizierter Kauf)

    Got my purist almost a week ago. It is absolutely fantastic. I was looking for the perfect wallte for 1 year and now I found it. Great quality smart card holder and even coins fit into this tiny wallet. Thank you so much!

  10. Don (verifizierter Kauf)

    The minimal design of this is great. It fits card and holds cash easily. I recommend this to everyone. Thanks Focx

  11. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Nice materials, and such an beautyful and clean Design! Especially the custume service is wonderful and the shiping was very very fast! Best above all is that every piece is handmade and doesn’t hurt the environment 🙂

  12. Daniel (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excellent Product, great quality really love it. It’s so simple and so clean looking.

  13. Andrea (verifizierter Kauf)

    Received very fast.
    Got the purist black and the keychain. Both very beautiful.
    Been using the wallet since, it’s been three weeks now. Can’t be happier, it is very well done, small and super cool. I often forget to have it since it’s so compact.
    It is perfect for cards, I have 8, and every one is super easy to grab. It is less practical for bills as you have to unfold it everytime. Also, putting bills in is half a pain.
    In my opinion the small elastic band that keep it closed is the major weak point and if the wallet may ever break it will do there. Maybe a strong magnet or a push button would have been better, I dunno.
    Price is fair, maybe it could cost few euros less, but it not overpriced.
    Would definitely buy again for me or anybody with similar experience in sllimed down wallet, as it is certainly not for everyone out there (I came from a couple of bellroys before landing here).
    Great small stylish wallet!

  14. Jaroslav Dutka (verifizierter Kauf)

    Stylish, compact, very nice design. It is small but there is a lot of space for cards and money, not enough space for coins but isn’t necessary. Great job 🙂

  15. Tsvetan Nikolov (verifizierter Kauf)

    It’s simple great!!!

  16. Vitor G. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Awesome wallet!

  17. Mustafa (verifizierter Kauf)

    Good Quality and amazing size.

  18. Martin Bill (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great wallet. I think I chose well :-), and after lots of searching and evaluation. Very nicely made and presented, incredibly functional, cool and looks great. Has taken me a few days to realise the wallet is actually in my pocket – it’s so slim and light.

  19. Philipp (verifizierter Kauf)

    Schnell und unkompliziert! Tolles Produkt!

  20. Alessandro Fabbri (verifizierter Kauf)

    Good quality. Wonderful wallet

  21. Igor (verifizierter Kauf)

    After doing a thorough research on minimalist wallets, I think I found a perfect match to all the things I need from a wallet – beautifully crafted, simple and thin even with 7 cards inside,, lightweight, RFID blocking (RFID card included), the bills are hidden but easily available when needed.
    An amazing wallet, money well invested.

  22. Nuno S. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Fast and perfect

  23. Roberto Macaluso (verifizierter Kauf)

    Zuerst erhielt ich das falsche Paket, aber sobald ich mich mit ihnen in Verbindung setzte, antworteten sie sofort und schickten mir das richtige. Ehrlich gesagt dachte ich nicht, dass sie mir die Versandkosten erstattet hätten (um das falsche Paket, das ich erhalten hatte, zurückzuschicken), aber sie erstatteten mir die Kosten so schnell und schickten mir auch einen Schlüsselanhänger als Geschenk.
    Der Purist ist fantastisch, jeder sagt mir, wie cool er ist, aber ich muss sagen, dass die Erfahrung mit dieser Firma auch fantastisch war!

  24. Michael Sison (verifizierter Kauf)

    I super love the design of the product (Purist black). This is truly a minimalist wallet with style. The leather is superb and it’s thick. I have 8 credit cards and 10 bills, and it fits snugly. I think it has still room for more. It is built solidly, time will tell if the elastic band will last. It took 2 weeks to get here in the Philippines. Customer service is great also, prompt email response as always. Overall, worth every penny.

  25. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    alles super! danke auch für den gratis schlüsselanhänger und gummibären 😉

  26. David Cuesta (verifizierter Kauf)

    Estoy muy contento con mi cartera, es compacta, cómoda de llevar y muy chula. Me encanta!!!

  27. Daniel Lapena (verifizierter Kauf)

    Best decision I ever made. I had a expensive Montblanc wallet that started to fall apart in no time. This one looks and feels much better and it is way more sturdy. Really happy with my purchase!

  28. xabi m. (verifizierter Kauf)

    The product is great and thanks for the candies in the parcel !

  29. Andrea (verifizierter Kauf)

    Beautiful, practical, excellently constructed. Elegance and practicality combined in a single product. The best of its kind among those I have tried. Also great for use with cash.

  30. Mike Yoshi’o (verifizierter Kauf)

    Amazing feeling, fits up a good amount of cards and its really comfortable. Sin duda una buena cartera minimal

  31. Akis T. (verifizierter Kauf)

    It does what it promises! Nice compact well built. Excellent service fast delivery and High quality. Thank you

  32. yusuf (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excellent communication, super fast postage, top product would purchase again

  33. Zoran Kristo (verifizierter Kauf)

    Best wallet I’ve owned. So simple and practical and quality is excellent.

  34. Juan C. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excellent !!

  35. GIAN MARCO (verifizierter Kauf)

    Simple and very useful wallet, the leather is great and it’s very well made.

  36. Andrea Saltarello (verifizierter Kauf)

    Nice product! Slim, minimal and smart at the same time!

  37. Sarah Dafoe (verifizierter Kauf)

    Holds a shocking amount of cards and keeps bills tidy. Elastic a bit fiddle to get used to but afterwards it’s alright

  38. Cristian S. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Gorgeous! The only downside are coins, but whatever

  39. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    As described. Excellent quality.

  40. Stéphane S. (verifizierter Kauf)

    I always had little wallet and had to change from my little bill clip type. The Purist is really small and can handle my 6-7 cards without being bulky. I also have bills behind the elastic strap which is great. I really love it.

  41. Adrià S. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very compact wallet with quality materials, perfect for daily use.

  42. Peter Dudziak (verifizierter Kauf)

    One of the best wallets I ever had! The quality is phenomenal. Perfect size, got 6 cards inside plus 4-5 notes. Just ideal!

  43. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    perfect – cant say anything more – absolutely perfect

  44. ANDRES JESUS C. (verifizierter Kauf)

    I really like the size of it, it’s smaller than i though! But everything i need fits perfect.

  45. Daniel (verifizierter Kauf)

    Amazing compact wallet, everything I have been looking for, easy to carry, with great functionality.

  46. EMRE SETRELIOGLU (verifizierter Kauf)

    I tried so many wallets, but this is the best

  47. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great product and quality build. You should buy one, if you are looking for sth this good!

  48. Billy (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great wallet, that is both practical and slim. A few small improvements would make this wallet perfect:

    1. The elastic band should be a bit wider so that, removing and placing it back without twisting the band is easier.

    2. The card “pull-up” loop is handy. But sometimes you do struggle to pull the right card out, especially if it’s in the middle somewhere. Would be nice if the different cards could be deprecated/elevated a bit more somehow (this is a nice to have 🙂

    3. The above mentioned loop for accessing the cards should already be accessible without opening the flap with the elastic band. Opening the flap with the elastic band should only be needed to access paper bills and similar things.

    These things would the cherry on the pie on top of an already great wallet. Keep up the great work! 👊🏽

  49. Zvonimir Bertic (verifizierter Kauf)

    Got my PURIST last week and it is wesome. 😀🤩 I absolutely love it. And i got keychain for free. 🤩 I love it too.

  50. Steven D. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Lovely smiple design works great for edc

  51. Jason Steensgard (verifizierter Kauf)

    Upgraded my friends bulky wallet and enjoying minimalist style.

  52. Tome (verifizierter Kauf)

    All you need from a wallet, i used to have big wallet before, switching to Purist made me realise that half of the things in my big wallet I don’t need! Best product, plus got the keychain free, the leather on the products is amazing! Recommend it to everyone.

  53. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great quality, smart layout, slightly overpriced but overall very good product.

  54. Zsolt Bán (verifizierter Kauf)


  55. Fábio R. (verifizierter Kauf)

    A simple and practical wallet. Excellent quality! highly recommend!

  56. Carles Lamas (verifizierter Kauf)

    Everything was perfect

  57. Marius N. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great for cards and some bills. In RON, the 50 bill is maximum supported.

  58. Rafael Almeida (verifizierter Kauf)


  59. Marko (verifizierter Kauf)

    super crafted, great quality and practical. I can only recommend it to everyone!

  60. André (verifizierter Kauf)

    A really nice wallet, compact and aesthetically beautiful.

  61. Uriel S. (verifizierter Kauf)

    The purist what exactly what I wanted and needed!

  62. Daniel (verifizierter Kauf)

    As expected. Perfect. Sometimes takes a while to put the rubber right.

  63. Marko K. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great service and high quality product.

  64. Alessandro Barbieri


  65. Héctor B. (verifizierter Kauf)

    It’s perfect

  66. Franciszek (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great product! Top quality!

  67. Jannis (verifizierter Kauf)

    Sehr schöne und praktisches minimalistisches Portmonee. Karten sind gut verstaut und die Scheine auch. Eine Version (z.B. R.04) mit gutem Mpnzfach wäre noch schön und zwei RFID Karten und nicht nur eine wäre auch sinnvoller. Ansonsten perfekt.

  68. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    The wallet is great, but it is slightly too small.

  69. Valentino

    Just got mine. I am super happy with look of the wallet. I had specific wallet in my mind that I wanted to buy and this one was closest to that, so thank you very much. Also surprise in package was awesome + Haribo bears haha. I recommend this wallet to anyone who wants minimal and pure approach to wallet, no ugly patters, no ugly colors, just pure design and style that goes with everything.

  70. Mark D. (verifizierter Kauf)

    One of the best wallet I ever own! Definitely 5-star quality!!!

  71. Fabijan (verifizierter Kauf)

    It’s very minimalistic, the leather is very high quality and the thin strap seems to hold fine, although I wish it was a little wider. Using the wallet however can get very flimsy when in a hurry. The cash pocket is nice, but you need to organise your cash first, fold it, then you can put it in the wallet. They changed the double pull tab to a single one and it makes taking out the cards a bit harder, but it’s not a major issue. I’m generally satisfied.


    One of the best wallet i have used till now. Everything is well designed. Except I didn’t like the elastic loop. Instead of the loop suggest a magnetic closure. If it was magnetic closer type it will be the perfect wallet

  73. Rytas

    Amazing little thing – I love it! Blazingly speedy service in EU, super friendly communication. World-class service company every other should look at as an example. Thanks again!

  74. Ozan G. (verifizierter Kauf)

    I am super happy about the product. You guys exceeded the expectation. Very minimal design and great quality leather. Thank you!

  75. Pedro Ramon P. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great wallet, just perfect

  76. Panagiotis (verifizierter Kauf)

    High quality, perfect size!!! I love it!

  77. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Excelent wallet and verry high quality

  78. Patrícia F. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Nice small wallet. Bought it for my biker husband and he liked it.

  79. Tanja (verifizierter Kauf)

    Amazing. I just love it from the first second. It’s just perfect – size, shape, material… love it!

  80. Dalibor K. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Fantastic little wallet! Really well made out of high quality leather. Tbh, I didn’t expect that, especially for just €36. It’s so small that I tend to completely forget that it’s in my pocket. The only thing that’s worrying me a little is the rubberband. I think it’s tad bit too thin. I truly hope it won’t break anytime soon.

  81. Greg (verifizierter Kauf)

    Nice leather, very compact. Pull tab works nicely, and you can fit a surprising amount inside the wallet. Rather than folding cash in half, I prefer to put one end of a note into the back of the card section, so it gets folded in 3 places when closed – this feels much more secure to me.

    The ring on the elastic closure is rubber, and I would’ve preferred maybe a metal piece instead.

    Delivery was quick to the UK

  82. Chrissula C. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Design is awesome and quality perfect, first time buying a focx wallet and i would definitely recommend and buy it again!

  83. Martin (verifizierter Kauf)

    I was looking for a small wallet a long time, but couldn’t find anything meaningful. Here I found it. Everything you need, simple and clever in a high build quality and a clean look.

  84. Matthew Harris (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great product, just started using it and no complaints at all. Highly recommended and Euro notes fit into it very easily.

  85. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Gute Verarbeitung. Praktisch und viel Platz, einzig die Schlaufe zum Herausziehen der Karten müsste etwas länger sein oder man lässt diese weg.

  86. Konstantinos (verifizierter Kauf)

    Perfect size and quality. The only “problem” is it’s difficult to insert the money bills, but no more than necessary.

  87. Jan P. (verifizierter Kauf)

    The delivery was very fast, even just before Christmas. The wallet is absolutely perfect, minimalistic, handy and cute! I would prefer embossed “fox shape” logo instead of “REDEFINED”, would be more attractive from my point of view.

  88. ciro (verifizierter Kauf)

    The best

  89. Alan Fava (verifizierter Kauf)

    Small, Stylish, Superb Quality… Highly recommanded.

  90. Darren Chan (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great design, material, quality and function. Feels great in the hand, really recommended.

  91. Sandor (verifizierter Kauf)

    I love the quality of the materials.
    Great product. Quick shipping 5 star customer experience. The product is not 5 because I am thinking about to change the rubber strap to a velcro.

  92. Marco (verifizierter Kauf)

    Good quality, small size. It is exactly what I was searching for

  93. Gabriel (verifizierter Kauf)

    Really good quality compact wallet, not practical for coin storage

  94. Giulio (verifizierter Kauf)

    Beatifull and functional wallet.

  95. Georgios Masouras (verifizierter Kauf)

    Amazing Wallet!!

  96. Marcus Edwards (verifizierter Kauf)

    Good wallet, good service. Cheers

  97. Katharina (verifizierter Kauf)

    Super Verarbeitung, super Produkt!

  98. Tobias (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great wallet, love the clean look.
    Shipping was in schedule.
    Everything ok.

  99. Joel (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great Wallet, really slim and has everything you need.
    You only have to fold money once and it’s easy to put it in the back.
    Shop is a confusingly, but worked without problems. Shipping was quick and uncomplicated.

  100. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Perfect wallet

  101. Enrico Grande (verifizierter Kauf)

    The wallet is fine. It takes time to understand how it works but oncw you did it, you will love it.

  102. Niko L. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Been using the Purist for a few weeks now and i really like it. Materials seem good and the size is perfect. Good customer service and fast delivery, what more could you ask for? 5/5

  103. Jelena (verifizierter Kauf)

    My boyfriend love it thanks

  104. Dennis (verifizierter Kauf)

    Wallet ist qualitativ hochwertig und schön gestaltet. Für mich leider einen Stern Abzug, da ich persönlich nicht 100% mit der Geldschein-Funktion zurecht komme. Jedoch im gleichen Zuge mindestens einen Stern (eher mehr) wieder dazu für den von Anfang bis Ende tollen Support. Super nettes Team und riesen Hilfe rund um die Auswahl und den Kauf!

  105. Jill (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very good quality, smooth delivery. Great wallet!

  106. Marc (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very useful, elegant, and practical. Great

  107. Neil Webb (verifizierter Kauf)

    Amazing wallet, functional and stylish.

  108. Kien (verifizierter Kauf)

    Nothing to complain. Product arrived on time and is as expected.

  109. Gabriele (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very nice wallet. nice leather and it fits perfectly both cards and bills. I love how compact it is even packed and it hides well in front pocket

  110. Thomas W. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Decided against I-Clip and I don’t regret it. Perfect.

  111. jimmy (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great quality and design. Minimal yet functional.

  112. Damien H. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Porte feuille quasi parfait ! Tout petit et fonctionnel, je regrette juste que la partie arrière ne soit pas en partie cousu à l’élastique porte carte, ça permettrait d’y glisser quelques pièces en plus des billets, sa’s qu’elles aient tendance à ressortir.. Mais à part ce mini défaut, je suis tout à fait ravi de mon achat !!

  113. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    like it!

  114. Michael (verifizierter Kauf)

    Sehr schönes Material, Handhabung ist einfach und es sieht einfach sehr schlicht und schön aus. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

  115. Rich M. (verifizierter Kauf)

    I love this wallet, super small, simplistic and I would love more products! Passport case would be nice!

  116. Paul Walker (verifizierter Kauf)

    Wallet arrived in good time and well packaged, slightly smaller than expected but looks good and functions as advertised.

  117. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Really good quality wallet! Small and with enough space for whatever needed

  118. Constantinos Xiountos (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very practical and beautiful

  119. Patrick (verifizierter Kauf)

    Fantastic quality product.. great feel and love how the bills section can double as a secret compartment!

  120. Dario (verifizierter Kauf)

    It’s perfect

  121. Marko (verifizierter Kauf)

    Fast shipping, wallet is exactly like I expected. A magnet would have been a better solution, but this rubber strap is also nice.

  122. Nuno Ramos Martins (verifizierter Kauf)

    After receiving it, I ended up realizing that there was no room for coins. Just a bigger tab for notes. In the photos it is not very noticeable. And to access the interior it was necessary to unfold it, which was not what I was looking for. Replaces with Accountant and I am very satisfied.

  123. Csaba (verifizierter Kauf)

    Absolutely love it!

  124. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Great product but I was more impressed by their Customer support. 👏🏽

  125. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Love it. Perfect wallet.

  126. Adrián Diaz Such (verifizierter Kauf)

    Realy awesoome good, I realy love it

  127. Attilio Don (verifizierter Kauf)

    Decent quality. Real simple but elegant.

  128. cihan (verifizierter Kauf)


  129. Jose Tiago Gaspar (verifizierter Kauf)

    Awesome product, very happy!

  130. Anonymous (verifizierter Kauf)

    Amazing product

  131. Danuj P. (verifizierter Kauf)

    Very good design and excellent material. I love it.

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