R2.1 Accountant Brown

The cash-carrying minimal wallet.

(27 customer reviews)

44$ incl. VAT

R.02 Accountant stands for a cash-carrying minimal wallet.

Despite its small size, this new wallet series perfectly fit your coins, cash and up to 8 credit cards. There are the R.01 Minimal wallet, R.02 Accountant and the R.03 Purist. An important aspect is the harmonious and purposeful combination of both shape and function. The R.01 and R.02 are both designed in the golden ratio (Fibonacci) which holds the secret of why we experience things as attractive, aesthetically appealing or functional.


Leather: We use a natural cattle hide leather with a wax finish named Timber which has an ecological mineral tannage and gives a very natural impression. Rubberband: Offering a stretchability of over 110% and a mixture of 85% polyester and 15% elastane, we have found the perfect and most durable elastic band for our wallets. Yarn: Our yarns meet the highest requirements and they are significantly more stable than those used in most other wallets. The world’s market leader in yarns located in Germany is just good enough for us.


Germany: 1 to 2 workdays
Europe: 2 to 4 workdays
United States: 4 to 7 workdays
United Kingdom: 2 to 3 workdays
Rest Of The World: 5 to 9 workdays


27 reviews for R2.1 Accountant Brown

  1. Luis D. (verified owner)

    Great quality, amazing craftmanship! Thank you!

  2. Michael L. (verified owner)

    Wirklich ein super Produkt (r.02)! Kann und werde ich definitiv weiterempfehlen.

  3. Frank S. (verified owner)


  4. Sebastian L. (verified owner)

    i love this wallet! And the free keyholder is awesome! Thank you FOCX

  5. Arne (verified owner)

    Super quality. Will order more.

  6. Marcus N. (verified owner)

    It has a really good Quality. But you need to have in mind that you cant carry lot of coins otherwise Cards are getting stuck when you try to put them back. So I had to make the decision between this and the Everyday Wallet. I have Chosen the Everyday. It wasnt an easy decision…See my comment there If you are interested why.
    The Accountant Just did not fit my needs. So I carry my loose Change extra as I do for Couple years now. I hoped it would hold more coins so I dont need to carry them seperate. But..yeah..its not Mine..BUT MAYBE YOURS!
    You should still give it a try!

  7. Rafael Grou (verified owner)

    Amazing. The product and the shipment

  8. Samuel Gomes (verified owner)

    Super satisfied with the product and the purchase experience super smooth and deliver on time.

  9. Gregor (verified owner)

    Perfekt wallet! Nice size and function

  10. Francesco Migliaccio (verified owner)

    Piccolo comodo e bellissimo

  11. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Really well made and very compact. I am very happy I bought this. Also they posted it to Ireland quickly.

  12. Christian (verified owner)

    Perfektes kleines Portemonnaie. Es passen locker 10 Karten + Kleingeld und Geldscheine rein. Bin mega zufrieden

  13. Bernhard I. (verified owner)

    Everything on this wallet has its purpose – nothing more, nothing less! Except the wonderful design and the ease of use!

  14. JORGE I. (verified owner)

    I fell in love with the color and material texture, just perfect!!!

  15. Rihards (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this wallet, done with bulky wallets, smart functionality packed into compact wallet + great quality materials.

  16. Amín D. (verified owner)

    Is the wallet I was looking for. Excellent!

  17. Frédéric Neves (verified owner)

    Perfect, just as described and advertised.

  18. Ákos (verified owner)

    Good quality, look very good and perfect if you want a small wallet. Really satisfied with the product.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing wallet! 💪

  20. Paulo Freitas da Costa (verified owner)

    perfect for people who want space for coins and banknotes

  21. Ricardo Rodrigues (verified owner)

    Best wallet I’ve ever used, very minimalist and stylish. I was afraid it wouldn’t fit all my cards and some coins, but it does. I’m really satisfied with this wallet.

  22. Michał (verified owner)

    I really liki it! It’s small but it can fit all the necessary things like cards driving license bills and even some change. It fits my needs.

  23. Manuel (verified owner)

    Great wallet. Impressively made and as small as it needs to be. Good quality leather and the idea of using a rubber band tonkeep it tight is great. Plus matches key chain and you can even attach them together since it fits the key chain leather band.
    Oh, and the surprise package was great! 🙂

  24. Helio (verified owner)

    Amazing wallet, tight for coins

  25. Maik (verified owner)

    Everything ok, great Support

  26. Maria

    Received mine (Accountant) last Friday (Portugal) and i’m loving it. At first i was kind of frustrated because it was so much smaller than i expected, but now i’m loving it. So small, yet it fits all i need > 5 cards + personal ID card + drivers license card + some coin + some euro notes.

  27. Sophie

    Received my Accountant very quickly (Switzerland) and am very pleased with it ! Thanks to the team for the great job.

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