Keychain Brown

We have designed a special keychain for this fantastic wallet series.

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18.00 incl. VAT

The REDEFINED Keychain

Thanks to the advice we received from one of the leading leather suppliers in Europe, we were able to find the best type of leather for our goods. It is natural cattle hide leather with a wax finish named Timber which has an ecological mineral tannage and gives a very natural impression.


You will get pins for two sizes (2-3 keys & 4-5 keys), 2 rubber rings for the adjustment of your keys and you can choose between two colors. The dia of the keyhole has to be at least 5 mm. The carabiner works fantastic for a modern car key.


Germany: 1 to 2 workdays
Europe: 2 to 4 workdays
United States: 4 to 7 workdays
United Kingdom: 2 to 3 workdays
Rest Of The World: 5 to 9 workdays


2 reviews for Keychain Brown

  1. Amín D. (verified owner)

    Good material and they send you to different sizes of the metal that holds the keys

  2. Nick Vidiaev (verified owner)

    This is great for key storage. Great quality, and Serkan Elbasan went above and beyond with the customer service. It replaced my Keysmart. The hole in the clip is also perfect for a key fob causing the pocket to be less bulky.


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