R.01 Minimalist Black

A fast, clever and minimal companion.

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Brand: FOCX Wallet

R.01 Minimalist stands for a fast, clever and minimal companion.

Despite its small size, this new wallet series perfectly fit your coins, cash and up to 8 credit cards. There are the R.01 Minimal wallet, R.02 Accountant and the R.03 Purist. An important aspect is the harmonious and purposeful combination of both shape and function. The R.01 and R.02 are both designed in the golden ratio (Fibonacci) which holds the secret of why we experience things as attractive, aesthetically appealing or functional.


Leather: We use a natural cattle hide leather with a wax finish named Timber which has an ecological mineral tannage and gives a very natural impression. Rubberband: Offering a stretchability of over 110% and a mixture of 85% polyester and 15% elastane, we have found the perfect and most durable elastic band for our wallets. Yarn: Our yarns meet the highest requirements and they are significantly more stable than those used in most other wallets. The world’s market leader in yarns located in Germany is just good enough for us.


Germany: 1 to 2 workdays
Europe: 2 to 4 workdays
United States: 4 to 7 workdays
United Kingdom: 2 to 3 workdays
Rest Of The World: 5 to 9 workdays


56 reviews for R.01 Minimalist Black

  1. Jacob

    Received my wallet today, very nice thanks!! To the people that also ordered the key chain.. My keys did not fit very good either. I was able to use a small drill bit to drill out the key holes a small amount. Now everything fits perfect and i love it 🙂

  2. Gerhard

    Just got my wallet! Beautiful!!!

  3. Hong-Min

    Received mine too and really Love it.

  4. mr.warumono (verified owner)

    This wallet is great. Nice support and the quality of the wallet is awesome. For the first time I was a bit surprised how to fold the bills. Now it’s my favorite wallet for a long time.

  5. abdelgalil (verified owner)

    its really amazing wallet and thankss for Haribo within the shipping package.

  6. Alexander T. (verified owner)

    Fantastic wallet.

  7. Imants M. (store manager)

    I bought focx wallet 01. I have to say after owning a few great minimalist wallets in the last years, this looks to become my best experience so far. Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Tobias (verified owner)

    The quality and design is great!

  9. Yves B. (store manager)

    Today they finally arrived! Thank you so much for both options. I really dig the simplicity of your product, with the quality touch of the leather.

    Thank you for your service, and count me as a happy user of your great wallet !

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this wallet! Can’t even feel it inside my pocket 🙂

  11. Thomas Z. (verified owner)

    What a great product, easy to use website, and received the wallet quicker that I expected. I liked the gummy bear surprise in the packaging.

  12. Dario Mišković (verified owner)

    Just the thing I needed!

  13. Richard (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my new wallet! I definitely recommend others to buy a FOCX Wallet

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product!

  15. Ares (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the product

  16. Edo M. (verified owner)

    Thank you! Wallet is awesome, keychain too, and that gift… Oooh you knew I was addicted to those, right?! :)))

  17. Mátyás (verified owner)

    This is awsome! The delivery was really quick, thank you!

  18. Sebastian Scarpa (verified owner)

    Love this wallet. Looks good. Feels good. Crazy fast delivery.

  19. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. Great quality wallet.

  20. Nikola (verified owner)


  21. Daniel K. (verified owner)

    Excellent little wallet…perfect fit and high-quality item

  22. Toni C. (verified owner)

    Very very good, i will order more in future.. Thank you 😁

  23. ILIAS (verified owner)


  24. Cristoffer (verified owner)

    Perfect size, practical

  25. Arvid (verified owner)

    Great and simple

  26. Ifraz (verified owner)

    The most slim wallet ever exact size of a credit card just what I was looking for. Holds 5 cards and notes well without the bulkiness of other wallets.

  27. Sébastien Bots (verified owner)

    Parfait 👍

  28. Gareth F. (verified owner)

    I only use cards so this looked ideal. Now after a week of using it it’s probably the best minimalist wallet I’ve ever owned. Elasticated band slot is used for travel pass and the pull tab I use for two important cards and the other slot holding a further 7 cards! All this and still holding its shape. This wallet is so compact. Well impressed. Free key holder was appreciated but doesn’t fit one of my longer house keys.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    the best

  30. Hrvoje V. (verified owner)

    Amazing wallet, fast shipping

  31. Florian (verified owner)

    All my Credit cards and stuff fits in.

  32. Robert (verified owner)

    Very good quality product, slim, quick delivery, as expected and advertised.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice wallet. Looks the same as announced!

  34. Zoran (verified owner)

    Great wallet, compact, minimal

  35. marco b. (verified owner)

    Very very easy and cool .

  36. Laszlo Sebestyen Horvath (verified owner)

    Amazing small card holder, I love it!

  37. Melissa (verified owner)

    Great product. Everything ok for us. My husband loves it

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The wallet are really nice and so small, good quality

  39. Giovanni (verified owner)

    Beautiful wallet! Meets my needs in terms of usability and minimalism. Nice to receive also the little candy present

  40. Mladen Stefanović (verified owner)

    Good product. If the band on the back side was a little bit tighter it would be perfect. Just to keep the cash more firmly in place.

  41. Artem (verified owner)

    Very good minimalist wallet.

  42. Carl Cedergren (verified owner)

    Liked it, hated the keychain though, plug was way to thick to take any of my keys.

  43. Krzysztof M. (verified owner)

    Can`t be any smaller than this if you want to store credit cards in it. The slip-out mechanism works fine. It also holds a few banknotes when folded 2x. Overally pleased with it. We`ll see how durable it is and how it wears over time. I had mine for just a week now. So far so good :()

  44. Alexandar Simon Manits (verified owner)

    i like your wallet very much i am satisfied

  45. Kamil (verified owner)

    Seemed too small at the first glance but loved it after the first try.

  46. Frederic M. (verified owner)

    Parfait rien redire

  47. Hamza Bergallou (verified owner)


  48. Christos Karagiannis (verified owner)

    The best ever I had

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice and purposeful -it makes getting rid of all the unnecessary things very easy!

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent wallet

  51. Nathan (verified owner)

    This is now my favourite slim wallet. Really well made, great quality and good design. Very satisfied with this purchase. Would recommend this for anyone looking for a slim, high quality wallet.

  52. Renato (verified owner)

    Impressing wallet, Im loving it! So awesomely light!

  53. Dávid (verified owner)

    best quality

  54. Luís Cruz (verified owner)

    Very nice wallet

  55. Hans Svensson (verified owner)

    Crazy fast shipping, product just as nice as it looks, perfect size and good quality, will recommend this product to others

  56. Christian K. (verified owner)

    Good quality, looks exactly as shown on the photos, handy, and easy to use, great wallet for small money!

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